Simple Web Content Management System

Simple Web Content Management System : Readme File


php - mysql - rich text editor included

  1. Unpack the site to your ftp or sitefolder.
  2. Modify the config : /config.php
    - Insert the correct database settings. This has to be correct before the script is able to work.
    - Insert a user and password for the admin section. Never share this with anyone you don't want to be editing/deleting your data.
    - Set the page color in the variable "backcolor".
  3. After this you have to run: install.php . If everything is ok, your table is created. You will see a message if everything went well.
    If not take a look at your config.php, make sure you spelled your database info correct.
  4. After succesfull installation of the table, you can delete the file install.php. For security reasons this is recommended.
  5. Your new cms is installed.
  6. Go to /login.php to add/edit/delete your content.

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